Movie review 'Raja Rajendra': Comedy in a bottle

Sharan films comes with unconditional comedy

Director: P Kumar
Cast: Sharan, Ishita Dutta, Ramakrishna, Tabala Nani, Ravi Shankar, Vimala Raman.
Rating: 3

There are romantic films, horror, drama… and now a new type of film in Sandalwood -Sharan films! The best thing about this latest genre is that it comes with unconditional comedy. Despite the terrible and nonsensical scenes, it somehow ends up being an entertainer. Ever since his change in avatar from a comedy artist to a hero, Sharan has barely flopped. Apart from Jai Lalitha, all his films as a hero have been full paisa vasool entertainers.

His Victory run continues even in this movie but when compared to his earlier release Sharan Adyaksha, this one is full of nonsense and even the so called magical composer Arjun Janya failing to deliver apart from the peppy number sung by Sharan himself for the first time, along with the legendary Majula Gururaj. The director has made a mockery of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in one of the scenes when the protagonist is rescued from being drowned in a well. While building up the comedy scene, four girls one after another suck out the excessive water from Mani’s (Sharan) body by mouth-to-mouth process!

It is about Mani, who claims himself as Bottle Mani, a notorious rowdy whose favourite weapon is bottle and hence the ‘property’ of the film. While the actual bottle Mani is temporarily behind bars, the ordinary Mani who is nothing less than a scary crow gets a deal to kill the head of a royal family who is eagerly waiting for his only grandson to arrive.

Mani in guise of the lost grandson gets into the family even as the first half lacks a bit of punch but with the entry of Ravishankar, who is these days loved for his unique comedy skills, picks up in the other half. Though nothing new in the film there are loads of usual humour filled for a laughter riot right till the end. The story takes a twist when Raja Rajendra comes back! Watch it for another Sharan mania on big screen.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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