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Nayan targeted over film scene

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Published on: February 3, 2015 | Updated on: Invalid date

The actress’ effigy was burnt, raising concerns over moral policing

Nayantara. (Photo: DC/File)

Nayantara. (Photo: DC/File)

Recently, a video clip where Nayantara was seen buying beer from a liquor shop went viral on social media and on WhatsApp. What appeared to be a footage of the actress buying liquor from a Tasmac store was actually a scene from her upcoming Tamil film Naanum Rowdy Dhaan with Vijay Sethupathi.

While it has still not been established whether the film clip was a stealth promotional tactic or a leak, the entire move took a drastic turn when the Hindu Makkal Katchi (HMK) raised an objection to the scene and demanded that the scene be removed, else they would protest against the film and actress Nayantara during its release. They put up posters in Chennai depicting Nayan’s picture adorned with a beer bottle garland.

And even as Nayantara issued a statement where she said it was merely a scene shot for a film, another outfit Hindu Munnani publicly burnt her effigy on Monday. In her statement, the actress stated it was merely a scene in her film and she did what was asked by the director and followed the script. Despite this, the heroine has been facing the ire of these self-styled moral guardians.

When contacted, the director of the film, Vignesh Sivan said he was shocked at the reaction. "I really don’t understand why they are creating such a ruckus and targeting Nayantara.

Any actor or actress will only do what the director of the film asks of them, and that’s exactly what Nayan did. As a filmmaker, I also have social responsibilities and when Naanum Rowdy Dhaan gets released, these detractors will know why I kept that particular scene in the film."

This is the second time Nayan’s effigies have been burnt. In 2010, several women’s organisations protested against her relationship with Prabhu Deva who was still married at that time to Ramlath. The groups gathered and burnt her pictures — expressing their displeasure at "an adulterous" relationship.

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