Gautam was very difficult to beat: Pritam Singh

He expresses that he would continue his friendship with the P3G gang outside the house

Mumbai: 'Bigg Boss 8' finalist Pritam Singh says the reason he quit the show by accepting Rs 25 lakh was because he realised it was very difficult for him to beat fan-favourite Gautam Gulati, who eventually came victorious.

Pritam, also known as 'RJ Pritam Pyare', said that his wife was not happy with his decision. "The first thing I am going to do now is talk to my wife, who is upset with me. She did not like my decision to leave the show. But I don't regret my decision at all. I had a gut feeling on the stage that I would not win. Gautam has a huge fan following, which is difficult to match. We were given so much feedback throughout the season so we all knew our level. We knew Gautam was loved outside a lot. Youth loved him. He was projected in a great manner. So, I think I took the right decision," he told PTI post his exit.

When asked what he plans to do with the huge amount, Pritam said, "My family will take care of it. It will be used for my son's study. In fact, to make my wife happy, I will take her on a trip." Pritam, 46, said the four month-long stay in the Bigg Boss house was a learning experience, where he learnt to discipline himself. "It was an exercise in self-discipline. I learnt so much about myself and also about how to deal with different kind of people. Moreover, I was just a voice before but the show gave me more recognition," he said.

Pritam became viewers' favourite after he supported Gautam, when he was cornered by the other housemates for abusing Karishma in a task. Pritam later became popular for his association with the 'P3G' group, which included Puneet Issar, Praneet Bhat and Gautam. Though he and Gautam drifted apart in the latter half of the season, Pritam wants to let bygones be bygones as the show has come to an end.

He said he would continue his friendship with the boys' gang outside the house. "I will be friends with 'P3G' forever. I take these friendships with me for the rest of my life. Gautam and I shared a good bond, which had misunderstandings too. I took him as my younger brother and started showing that right on him as well but I did not realise he did not like the words I spoke to him. But our friendship will continue," he said.

( Source : PTI )
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