Take lots of ‘selfie videos’ to track your mental health

Researchers developed innovative program for computers or smartphones having cameras

Researchers have developed innovative program for computers or smartphones having cameras, which will gauge user's mental health by monitoring their social life. The research led by University of Rochester explained that the program would analyse the selfie videos recorded by the user through webcam while engaging with social media.

Jiebo Luo, Professor of Computer Science told that he and his team tried to develop inconspicuous software that would observe the user's behaviour, without any explicit explanation verbally collected by individuals, and also it was safe as it doesn't pays attention to any private information of the user.

The researchers gathered clues through the selfie videos included heart rate, blinking rate, eye pupil radius, and head movement rate, and also analysed what they uploaded on social sites, what they read, how fast they scrolled, their keystroke rate and their mouse click rate.

This was currently a demo program, and there's no such app available at present, but they have plans to create an app that would let users be more aware of their emotional fluctuations and make adjustments themselves.

( Source : ANI )
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