Kissing is no big deal: Mallika Sherawat

Mallika Sherawat in conversation with DC sharing thoughts on kissing, etc

About hobnobbing in Hollywood:
It’s been a great journey… from being a small town girl from Haryana to doing films in America, and even meeting the US President Barack Obama.

Did the attitude of filmmakers here change because of your Hollywood connection?
I don’t know. Only directors can answer that. I think all actresses are hot and sexy and are figure conscious these days. Kissing is no big deal. And there, I don’t think any director approaches a girl because of her figure. I guess I got Dirty Politics because the director liked my work.

Does she take her comparison to Marilyn Monroe seriously?
You can’t take them seriously. They are yours today and they will be with some other actress tomorrow. What stays is the kind of work you do.

You did a show to find a husband for yourself. With that, is your quest for love over?
It was a dating show, we never promised marriage. I did the show because I wanted to reach out to young girls in small towns and tell them that it’s okay to meet a guy. I managed to do that.

How is your relationship with your father?
It has not changed, but my father has mellowed and he is more accepting of me and my career choice than he was ten years ago. So it’s a step in a positive direction.

( Source : dc )
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