Actress Swathi for Geethanjali 2?

Actress Swathi is on the verge of signing Geethanjali 2
Hyderabad: Actress Swathi is on the verge of signing Geethanjali 2, a sequel to the successful film Geethanjali.
“Yes, they approached me for the film and we finalised the script but have not signed the film officially yet,” says Swathi’s mother. In the first part of this horror comedy, Anjali played the main lead. The same technical team that worked for the first one will work on the sequel too. Right now Swathi is busy with three Tamil films and a couple of Malayalam films. Asked about her turning down an offer from Nagarjuna, Swathi’s mother says, “How can we reject a film from Nagarjuna? Swathi and Nag are good friends and she respects him a lot. She is busy shooting in Kerala and couldn’t accommodate the dates that they wanted. It’s not about money,” she says.
Explaining the situation Swathi posted on FB, ”sic) Supposedly I refused acting opposite a star like Nagarjuna because I quoted a huge remuneration and they didn’t give it?? But guess what? I ain’t the kind to give up working opposite him over money issues. That’s dumb. Am honestly tied up with my sweet little films and the teams are working non-stop round-the-clock and giving it their all. I cannot make it worse for them by sending them date shockers. The “business pandits” think it’s my loss and blah blah but I can’t make everyone happy. FYI I absolutely adore Nagarjuna and think he is the warmest, most handsome and classy man ever!”
( Source : dc correspondent )
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