Historic visit: US rediscovers India

India is an Independent nation, pressure of any country or does not affect US, says PM

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday ruled out India coming under pressure from any country on global climate pact as India and US announced steps to boost cooperation in clean energy and confront climate change issues.

Speaking at a joint press conference with President Barack Obama, Mr Modi said that the challenge posed by global warming was enough reason for countries to take action and hoped there would be a “successful” agreement in the forthcoming climate conference in Paris end of this year.

“President Obama and I expressed hope for a successful Paris Conference on climate change this year,” Mr Modi said. Acknowledging India’s role in the climate change talks, Mr Obama said, “India’s voice is very important on this issue. Perhaps no country could potentially be more affected by the impacts of climate change and no country is going to be more important in moving forward a strong agreement than India,” he added.

Asked whether there was pressure on India to ink a pact similar to the one signed between the US and China on emission cuts, Mr Modi said, “India is an independent country. Pressure of any country or a person does not affect India. There is a pressure on this issue that what kind of environment we wish to provide for future generation.”

The joint statement called on Pakistan to bring the perpetrators of the 26/11 attacks to justice. The two countries also discussed the situation in Afghanistan.

Hailing the ‘personal chemistry’ between Mr Obama and himself, Mr Modi said, “At the beginning of this year, we start a new journey.”

In his address to the media, President Obama said, “As two great democracies, two innovative economies, two societies dedicated to the empowerment of our people including millions of Indian Americans, we are natural partners.” Referring to Mr Modi he added, “Your reputation preceded you... in New York the Prime Minister appeared in Madison Square Garden and was greeted like a Bollywood star. Thank you for hosting me including Chai pe Charchaa, we need more of those in White House.”

( Source : dc correspondent with agency inputs )
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