Was this really needed?

Maharashtra politicians are known for grandiose schemes beyond our shores

The Maharashtra government’s decision to buy the house Dr B.R. Ambedkar stayed in while studying at the London School of Economics 93 years ago hints at tokenism.

There is so much to be done in India, but the state decides to spend Rs 35 crore to build a London museum! There is a place for sentiment, for investing in something precious to India to enthuse people to preserve their heritage, but this overseas project seems overambitious.

How much significance should be added to some rooms where Dr Ambedkar lived as a student and swotted tomes to pass an exam, albeit in a fashionable school of learning?

The intention of honouring a giant of Indian history, who was instrumental in giving our Constitution its shape, may be noble.

But one tends to suspect the project is aimed at serving narrow votebank interests. Maharashtra politicians are known for grandiose schemes beyond our shores.

While one CM was keen to bring back artefacts linked to Shivaji from different lands, other CMs chased schemes to serve their own and their party’s interests.

Paying homage to historical figures is a very Indian practice, perfected over years by leaders who love playing to the gallery.

Should such things be pursued is the question we should be asking, however happy we may be that Dr Ambedkar is being honoured.

( Source : dc )
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