They still call us the first couple on television: Hiten-Gauri

Published Jan 25, 2015, 12:15 am IST
Updated Mar 29, 2019, 11:06 pm IST
The real life couple tells us all about their love story and more
The real life couple tells us all about their love story and more.
 The real life couple tells us all about their love story and more.

We speak to ‘Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi’ popular pair Hiten Tejwani and Gauri Pradhan. They starred together in popular shows in the past like ‘Kutumb’ and ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’. The real life couple tells us all about their love story and more.

How did you first meet?


Hiten: We first met each other, not exactly met but saw each other at the Mumbai airport. We were on our way to shoot for an advertisement and we didn’t even know that we were paired with each other. The agency introduced us at the Hyderabad airport after we landed.

Gauri: Yes, we first saw each other at Mumbai airport. Hiten was this excited fellow who was strolling around.

So who played cupid?

Hiten: No one played cupid. She just said hi and bye to me for about six months, and then one day madam smiled at my jokes. I told her, ‘You must be laughing out loud at my jokes in your room right?” We started talking after that, then we started going out and we knew that we are serious about each other.’


Gauri: Yes, Hiten is right. For everyone else it was difficult to imagine that we could be a couple. He’s an extrovert and I do take a little time to open up.

Some qualities you love and something you’d like to change about each other?

Hiten: She’s very caring and not just for me or the kids. If she knows you, she will go out of her way to help you. I love her the way she is. I don’t want to change anything. We have accepted each other the way we are.

Gauri: He is very happy guy, always positive and so entertaining that because of him I really don’t have to put on the television. But he can be taken for granted easily. I want him to learn to say no sometimes.


Hiten: Nope I’m not going to change. (Both laugh)

Do you have any pet names for each other? And who is more romantic among the two of you?

Hiten: We call each other jaanu and I think you should ask this question to Gauri.

Gauri: Yes we call each other jaanu, and yes he’s more romantic. He gets me flowers even today.

How has parenthood changed life?

Hiten: It’s a wonderful experience. I think everyone should be a parent at some point in life. The respect for our own parents increases two fold.

Gauri: Yes, everything revolves around the kids now. Our whole world is around the kids, it’s blissful.


Your most memorable moments together?

Hiten: My most memorable moment will be when I first met her, our full moon date. And then years later holding my kids for the first time. I can never forget these moments.

Gauri: Our first meeting and then one fine day he came to my shoot and slipped a ring on my finger. We had no engagement ceremony as such. That was it and yeah of course when Nevaan and Katya were born.

Anything crazy that you would have done together?

Hiten: I think the craziest memory which we can think of as of now is that when were doing Nach Baliye we used to literally do the steps in our sleep and imagine singing songs also in our sleep.


Gauri: Yes, we rehearsed a lot during Nach Baliye, we hardly slept. Hiten would shoot the whole day and then come and rehearse till late night, it was crazy.

Most memorable compliment from fans?

Hiten and Gauri: They still call us the first couple on television, the best jodi, made for each other, that we define real chemistry. And also that they prayed for us to get married.