Facebook is now cited as a factor in a third of divorce cases

It's no secret that we have a tendency to over-share on Facebook
According to the Daily Mail, the social networking site is now cited in a third of all divorce cases, and is increasingly relied upon for proof of unreasonable behaviour the law firm reports in its study.
Facebook unwittingly provides evidence of infidelity and new relationships, helps track people’s movements and records expenditure on everything from cars to holidays as users document their day-to-day lives.
In what is now the social media age, one’s private life cannot be totally kept as secret as the social media buzz can make or mar a person’s relationship. It will be recalled that Facebook as a social media forum while can be quite engaging can have some annoying posts.
A report by a Leeds law firm; Lake Legal which examined 200 cases to see the most mentioned case of divorce, found out that over 66 cases had referenced Facebook as proof of misbehaviour and infidelity.
Managing partner Lyn Ayrton told the Daily Mail: "Social media provides an ongoing log of our lives. The sharing of written posts and pictures, often with geo-tagging, provides a record of activities that can be used in a court case."
And Julian Hawkhead, a managing partner at Stowe Family Law, said: "We regularly find clients coming to us with information they have found which is available in the public domain with proof of a relationship."
While getting a better handle on complicated privacy settings might keep some incriminating posts from coming to light, the internet is still full of useful — and completely public — information about users.
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