Movie review ‘Jackson’: This is not what the audience desired for!

If not for Duniya Vijay fans, the rest can skip it for good

Director: D. Sanath Kumar

Cast: Duniya Vijay, Pavana

Ratings: 1.5 stars

Even before the release of Jackson, Duniya Vijay was in news for bad reasons, for allegedly threatening a Sandalwood producer! However, Jackson which was launched during the actor’s birthday finally did hit the screens but fails to meet the desire of the audience for that perfect entertainment. It is the remake of Idarkuthan Aasaipattai Balakumara (Isn’t This What You Desired For, Balakumara?), which had managed to earn good response for its offbeat version of a super entertainment.

The original script counters the stereotypical image of so called ‘heroes,’ but here the plot seems to have derailed, at least in the first half as Jackson opens with scenes stretched for more than half an hour testing one’s patience. A story which takes place in a single day revolving around few characters is the crux – the protagonist Javaregowda nicknamed Jackson is madly in love with his neighbour Kumuda, since his schools days but opposed both by the girl (portrayed by Pavana) and her father; the other plot is that of a bank employee and his love interest and the last one is that of a ‘silly’ murder!

Duniya, who has done this movie for friendship, is in his usual avatar of a local porki but an honest lover, and the rest perform average including the music scored by Arjun Janya, who seems to have lost his magic despite the title song. The plot takes a twist in the second half with a road accident and there arises a desperate need of blood (no guesses for AB- group) for the victim, and Jackson alone can be the saviour. Will he be traced before he consumes alcohol and eventually wins over Kumuda’s heart? If not for Duniya Vijay fans, the rest can skip it for good!

( Source : dc )
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