Land forms worry owners in Guntur

Published Jan 2, 2015, 6:07 am IST
Updated Mar 30, 2019, 3:22 am IST
Rules deny farmers of rights to their land; all power in CRDA’s hand

GUNTUR: Landowners of in the capital region are worried about form 9.3 that does not give any power or authority to appeal against illegalities or violation of norms.

It is an eight-page application form with an affidavit for landowners to take part in the land pooling system (LPS).


There are 37 rules, most of which deny the owners of rights on their own lands.

The consent letter further states that owners  won’t have the right to claim cash compensation or any other benefits under the agreement.

The first rule on the first page is about transferring all rights of landowners/farmers to CRDA. The third rule indicates unconditional surrendering of lands while the fifth rule states that the landowners will have no rights whatsoever to claim cash compensation or any other benefits under land acquisition and relief and rehabilitation Acts.


A farmer of Nelapadu village, K. Raghavaiah, said that the norms and conditions of the form had frightened him and he was rethinking about giving his lands for pooling.

He complained that there was no provision for landowners/farmers to seek justice if their lands were misused or if they underwent injustice in the compensation issues.

Another farmer, B. Nageswara Rao, said that he had contacted a legal expert who had informed him that the fourth rule on page three stated that all encumbrances/encroachments on the land returned to the farmer/landowner at a later date in lieu with LPS shall not be the responsibility of CRDA which is severely objectionable.


He also said that rule number seven on the same page was against the landowners as they cannot challenge possession of CRDA’s land share and further, cannot seek injunction against any objectionable constructions on their lands by CRDA or its appointed contractors/agents.

Mr Rao said that most of the farmers were waiting for the Telugu version of form 9.3 to know the exact rules of LPS. He added that farmers would not give their lands if the form restrained the rights on their farmlands.

Meanwhile, CRDA and the revenue department are planning to restart LPS on January 2 by distributing form 9.3 in Telugu language in the villages.


Location: Andhra Pradesh