5 easy ways to bring in good luck this New Year

Published Jan 2, 2015, 6:23 pm IST
Updated Mar 30, 2019, 3:17 am IST
We hope this New Year brings you happiness and prosperity


Purify Your Home

It is imperative to remove all negative energy that is accumulated during the year from your home. Thus, you should clean the space of your home. Also, make it a point to do these cleaning chores well before the New Year day.


Dine With Your Loved Ones

On New Year's Eve, dine with your family and welcome the New Year together. Relishing meals together is a sign of intimacy and closeness. Further, you may indulge in some playing, singing and dancing, while welcoming in the New Year. Don't forget to include your grandma/s and grandpa/s, and let everyone participate.

The Outfit

Wear an outfit in red colour. Since red is a happy colour, it brings good luck to the person wearing it. In case, you don't like the red coloured clothing, you may wear accessories that are red or of the same colour family.


Keep Sharp Cutting Instruments Out Of Sight

Be mindful, and keep away all the sharp cutting instruments out of sight on this day. These may include knives, scissors, razor blades etc. These items are considered inauspicious, as they may ruin your good luck.

Pay Off Your Bills

You may pay off your bills or debts on the New Year day, which is considered as auspicious. If you can't pay it all, make part payments. It reflects your attitude to make yourself free from all debts, and thus, helps you invite happiness and contentment into your life.




(Inputs from Yahoo.com)