India Inc promises 10 lakh new jobs, up to 40 per cent hike in 2015

The e-commerce sector will also see a relatively higher pay hike this year

New Delhi: It may be a bumper new year for the job market, with India Inc planning to create close to 10 lakh new jobs and dole out pay hikes of up to 40 per cent for best performers in 2015. The average salary increments may also be higher in the range of 15-20 per cent, as against 10-12 per cent across various sectors during 2014. New-age sectors like e-commerce are likely to see relatively higher pay hikes.

With GDP growth rate being pegged at near 5.5 per cent, after sub-five per cent growth in recent past, businesses across sectors are expected to grow, experts said, and this should result in a strong job market rally as well. In addition, India has a competitive advantage of demographic dividend, which would together with the hiring intensity, mark a new era of recruitment in the country.

Human resource experts believe, that job market in 2015 is going to be in a strong hiring mode and companies are preparing themselves for aggressive recruitments across the board. In addition, there are expectations that a large number of global players would come to set shop in India, thus creating a lot of job opportunities at leadership and other levels.

According to a new survey by recruitment platform, the year 2015 is coming with positive vibes for job seekers and expecting to create 9.5 lakh new jobs in different sectors, with IT & ITeS and FMCG sectors leading the chart. "2015 is sending very positive vibes for creating new jobs in every sectors. This year freshers are able to get more opportunities compared to last three years especially in Ecommerce, Banking & Financial Sectors, IT & ITeS and Retail Sectors," CEO Rajesh Kumar said.

With regards to salary, HR experts said the average hike for some sectors can be in high single digits, but top performers can expect pay rise in the range of 20-40 per cent in 2015. "We see a rise of 20 per cent to 40 per cent in salaries for high quality talent. The same is driven by very high insatiable demand of high quality talent with high end skills," Himanshu Aggarwal, CEO and Co-founder Aspiring Minds, an employability assessment company said.

According to global management consultants like HayGroup and Aon Hewitt, Indian companies are likely to offer average pay hikes of 10-18 per cent in 2015, which could be the second best in Asia after Vietnam. Such high pay hikes in Asian countries are being attributed to the talent war in the continent, both for experienced hands and new graduates, experts said.

( Source : PTI )
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