BB8: Ajaz Khan to make an entry on the reality show

Published Dec 28, 2014, 8:48 pm IST
Updated Jan 10, 2016, 8:38 am IST
We catch up with him moments before he is about to enter the show

Mumbai: Bigg Boss never fails to surprise the audience and there is yet one more in store. For the first time ever the show will have popular contestants from previous seasons compete with five contestants of the current season, to bring out a new show with a new format, Bigg Boss Halla Bol. The previous contestants will enter the house as challengers, major details are still being kept under wraps.        

The first ex contest to enter the house is previous seasons Ajaz Khan. We had a quick chat moments before he could go in. Ajaz says, "I'm very excited. History is being made, begining with me as I'm the first one to go in according to the new format. Now that i'm ready to enter again memories from the previous season are surely coming back. I remember my friends Sangram Singh, Armaan Kohli, Kamya Punjabi even Gauhar Khan.".   


This season's contestant Ali Quli Mirza has often been compared to Ajaz, as both have a similar style. Ajaz scoffs, "There can be only one ek number manas and that is Ajaz Khan. I'm sure he must have watched my videos before entering. Even yesterday I saw they had dresses him up as a girl that is Gutthi's sister but I was the first one to dress as a girl in Bigg Boss. No one can beat my character Haseena aapa. But I like the fact that he is trying to entertain atleast, otherwise this season has becoming boring. I am going in to give audience entertainment."

Speaking about current contestants Ajaz says, "Besides Ali, I like Gautam. Woh theek ja raha hai. People may call him Punit's puppet but I feel he is just being faithful to his friend. He is a true friend. Among girls I find Sonali Raut most sincere...more than Karishma Tanna. Dimpy Ganguly seems to have come with sone agenda..she should tone down her act a bit."

The actor adds that starting with Bigg Boss he feels he is going to have a great 2015. "I am getting great money plus great exposure on the show, its a great start to the New Year. Then I have a film releasing soon after called Love Day followed by Pooja Bhatt's film Nark."