This monkey is a hero as he saves his friend's life at Kanpur station

A gathered crowd witnessed this heroic act and took pictures and videos

Mumbai: This amazing video footage shows the moment a monkey rescued another monkey who fell unconscious after being electrocuted in Kanpur.

The monkey can be seen trying to revive the injured monkey by licking, hitting, slapping and even throwing the other monkey into a concrete pit of rain water.That seemed to do the trick and before long the stricken monkey is up and recovered.
Screengrab from the video when the heroic monkey is trying to revive his electrocuted friend
After about 20 minutes the monkey began to show signs of life. The stunning series of events was captured on video, with the whole scene played out in front of hordes of amazed onlookers.
Watch the heroic act here:
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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