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A crowd-sourced Reggae concert for children, slated to happen in Hyderabad in January

It started as a routine gig for the musicians associated with Bass Sanskriti. But when the venue decided to pull out, the artistes came together for a nothing like ever before initiative a reggae concert for schoolchildren.

Sound System En Masse by the non-profit music organisation Monkey Foundation, based out of Hyderabad, will be bringing the best names in the reggae and bass music from India, including Reggae Rajahs, King Jassim, Irieboy, Delhi Sultanate, Begum X and of course, the brain behind the campaign, Dakta Dub.

“When we have nursery rhymes on the black plague, why not take the music of universal love and brotherhood to the children,” says Dakta Dub, the founder of Monkey Foundation.

The Sound System culture basically involves music from the Caribbean Islands. The music is known to be positive and uplifting.

With this gig coming in the wake of the Peshawar terror attacks, the musicians put the need for more positive music into perspective.

“Reggae always talks on issues like war, Babylon system (a system based on slavery of common man) and equality and the idea of ‘We All Are One’,” says Dakta Dub.

Meanwhile, Delhi Sultanate, says this gig aims at “conscious entertainment for schoolchildren.

At the moment, most of the venues available to us are night clubs with liquor sponsors and I think it’s important that the culture is not only associated with corporate sponsorship and night clubs.

It is also important to take culture and music to the streets and that there are also spaces where young and old can come together, so that the people of different generations, different social backgrounds, enjoy the music, culture and dance together.”

And Monkey crew is also all geared up to face the challenge of taking a concept like this to schools. “Yes, it’s a kind of challenge to approach schools and explain to them the concept of the music, as this is the first of its kind event in India.”

Since the event is free for all including adults, the crew is appealing to people to crowdsource funds through Wishberrys.

While the funds are pouring in at a steady pace for the January 2015 gig with the help of fans of the artistes involved, the locals in Hyderabad’s Koti have also come on board for the gig.

“Once we decided on the concept, I went and discussed with the Welfare Association in the area of the playground that we have chosen as the venue.

As Monkey Radio India, we have been doing yearly Independence and Republic Day events with them for last couple of years. So the association too liked the idea and are helping us in getting the permissions and all other clearances required,” says Dakta Dub.

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