ATMs set to become interactive

Interactive Tellar Machine will allow customers to do video conferencing with bank

Hyderabad: After the boom in smart phone technology development, the era of smart ATMs seems to be ushering in and the new technology could make ATMs virtually replace bank’s branches at most places.Indusland Bank, which two months back opened it’s first ‘Interactive Tellar Machine’ (a new phrase for smart ATMs) in Gurgaon, has been witnessing heavy footfalls at its ITM.

Apart from dispensing cash, the new age machine allows customers to video conference with bank representatives and deposit cheques etc. and can be carried out 24*7.According to Ashok Nallam, head of NCR Corporation’s R&D centre in Hyderabad, “With the extensive use of ATMs, it is eminent to upgrade the technology to provide customers with better services.”

The firm manufactures consumer transaction technologies like ATMs, Point of Sale devices,etc. It’s R&D centre in Hyderabad has recently completed a decade of its establishment. The evolving ATM technology has also helped in reducing reduced workload at branches. “Though not to a big extent, but it has surely eased the pressure on bank employees,” says Syndicate Bank GM Mohan Reddy.

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