Connecting tutors with students online a web portal allows studnets to prepare online test , build question banks

Mumbai: While preparing for a competitive exam, have you ever thought of testing your skills, evaluating them and sharing the content and knowledge with friends residing thousands of kilometers away, with just a click of your mouse.This is exactly what brings on to your table, enabling you to take or prepare online tests, build question banks, create share and discover resources at one place.

“There are thousands of private tuition or coaching classes. The general tendency among parents is to send their children to the nearest institute. However, these institutes do not ha-ve the necessary resou-rc-es to invest in technology to empower students with online education within the class or reach out to students in far-flung areas. With, we allow coaching institutes to build knowledge, share, interact, evaluate and analyse performance and also enable access to students in far-flung areas,” said Prashant Singh, the founder of

According to Prashant, who is also a masters degree holder in IT and management from EPITA Graduate School of Computer Science, Paris, the portal allows students to form their own groups wherein they can interact and share the study materials. Prashant added that the market for private coaching institute is approximately more than a Rs1.50 lakh crore in India and about 85 per cent of the institutes are in the unorganised sector.

This according to Pras-hant provides huge gro-wth opportunity for his knowledge management portal.With the per user per month subscription char-ges starting from as low as Rs199 depending on the platform usage, Prashant said that the knowledge management portal could also be used by corporate houses when hiring empl-oyees and appraising internal talent.

A manufacturing un-it can share knowledge with its multiple service centres located across the country. For instance, Prash-ant pointed out that a customer service executive situated in Kera-la can upload the latest trends, issues and solutions on the central repository by a mere click which can be further accessed by another customer care executive of the same organisation sitting in Delhi.

“This will be a win-win situation for the manufacturing company, its service centres and also its end customers. All this can be done with the help of a browser as no installation is needed,” added Prashant.

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