BB8: I am not stupid to get pregnant on a TV reality show, says Diandra Soares

She believes the move of Gautam denying stuff screwed things for them very badly

Mumbai: Bigg Boss season 8 has created its own milestone in TRPs with a lot of sensational content doing rounds in the relaity show. Diandra Soares a rather strong contestant of the house was at the receiving end of the evictions this week. This came as a shock as she too put in efforts in keeping the audience entertained week after week.

After last night's Weekend Ka Waar episode that left many contestants tongue-tied, this beauty feels happy that she has spend some memorable time in the house. In an exclusive interview with Diandra, she reveals that she couldn't have been any more real as she was inside the Bigg Boss house. She also confessed that what she and Gautam had was real and she does not feel shy saying that out loud.

However last week saw few tables turning whem Gautam Gulati denied the all the link up rumours saying that Diandra is just a friend and there is nothing going on between them. "Whatever was there in the show was real and he (Gautam) knows where we were heading and what it was. He said our friendship meant to him more than just this game. He always said that to me since the very first day. I dont know what it meant but the move of him when he took a U-turn screwed things for us really very badly. He should have not denied the whole thing" she said.

After the bathroom scene rumours were abuzz that the model turned actor was constantly keeping unwell and was also taken to a hospital. Linking this to her preganacy reports doing rounds on the internet she said "we were fond of each other so we kissed and kissing does not lead to pregnancy. I am not pregnant and I am not so stupid to do something like that on national television as at the end of the day I have a family to face."

She shared that she and Gautam went to the bathroom to discuss the issue that happened on Saturday when during the luxury budget task Sonali tried to kiss Gautam inside the car. Diandra also looks forward to meeting Gautam outside the Bigg Boss house but feels that things might not be the same after what happened in the show.

( Source : dc )
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