Sahil Khan’s ex-wife had also called him gay

Negar Khan was aware of his sexuality right from the beginning

Mumbai: The shocking allegation that Ayesha Shroff's alleged defaulter Sahil Khan is gay came not just from Ayesha, but also his former wife Negar Khan, who in an interview in July 2005 had said, “It all happened when Sahil joined me in Bangkok at my film shoot. He thought I’d be out shooting for the whole day but I came early and got the surprise of my life when I saw Sahil was in a compromising position with a man!”

So claims about his sexuality by Ayesha’s lawyers isn’t really a surprise. Says a source close to Ayesha, “When she was being linked with Sahil, Ayesha kept quiet because she didn’t want any mud-slinging in public. But rumours of their link-ups were too much for her to take. She was aware of his sexuality right from the beginning, but it was of no consequence to her because for her, it was a purely business partnership. The fact is Sahil owed Ayesha money and now she wants it back. He is now simply trying to sidetrack the main issue by bringing up all these filthy counter allegations.”

( Source : dc )
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