Run Air India professionally, says IATA chief

Government partially off-loads its stake to investors to keep it off-the-ground

Geneva: Cash-strapped Air India should be run by professionals even if the government partially off-loads its stake to investors to keep it off-the-ground, a top global aviation professional has said.

"The Government has to recognise that if it is to privatise Air India, then it has to leave the management of Air India and not interfere with it," Tony Tyler, the Director General and CEO of International Air Transport Association (IATA), said here. The chief of the global airlines' body flayed political interference in thefunctioning of an airline, saying the government-owned airlines have generally performed well when run by professionals.

Asked about privatisation of state-owned carriers the world over, Tyler said when it is a government-owned airline it is the government's prerogative to run it and even then, "I believe it should be left to the professional managers to manage it."

"But when you sell it and a private investor is there then you must leave the management to manage it and be controlled by the individuals and not the government." Criticising political interference in the functioning of an airline, Tyler said an airline should be run on commercial lines if it is to take on competition.

( Source : PTI )
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