Not lost in translation: Mohit Malik and Addite Shirwaikar

Published Dec 14, 2014, 3:54 am IST
Updated Mar 30, 2019, 7:13 am IST
Mohit Malik and Addite Shirwaikar talk about their cross-cultural marriage, ideas of romance
Mohit Malik and Addite Shirwaikar
 Mohit Malik and Addite Shirwaikar

He may be Punjabi and she a Maharashtrian, but Mohit Malik and Addite Shirwaikar speak the same language when it comes to exchanging love notes.

The actors open up to us about what they like and dislike about each other and reminisce about the memories made over the past few years of marriage.

Who proposed to whom and how was the courtship period?
Addite: I wouldn’t say it was a formal proposal. We were friends initially, although we both knew that we liked each other. But Mohit took a leap of faith and asked me to marry him. It was April 1, and knowing the guy that he is, I thought I should wait for a day to let the thought sink in. He asked me the same question the following day, and that’s when I knew that is was a serious question. I said ‘yes’, of course!
Mohit: There was no courtship period for us. We began as friends, and I realised that she was ‘the one’. We got married soon after.
Please share a few special memories from your wedding.
A: So for a wedding ceremony that was scheduled for 7.30 pm, my groom reached the venue at 9.30 pm. The organisers actually asked us whether to wrap up or wait for longer.
M: (Laughs) That is my memory of our wedding too.
How did you adapt to each other’s cultures/families?
A: I always wished to get married to a Punjabi. Who knew it would be Mohit! It was not much of an adaptation issue honestly. Since Mohit is very understanding, it was very easy to gel with him and his family.
M: When there is love, there are no issues. It was a smooth ride for us.
What’s the sweetest thing your partner has done for you?
A: Last year for our anniversary, Mohit prepared a speech for me in Marathi. It’s a different matter that I didn’t understand much of it, but I am sure it was difficult for him. It was a very sweet gesture indeed.
M: On our fourth marriage anniversary, Addite surprised me with a Macbook Pro that had been on my wish list for a very long time.
Mention one thing about your partner that your fans don’t know about?
A: Most people don’t know that Mohit is extremely romantic.
M: Addite is very lazy and a very late riser.
What are the qualities you like and dislike about your partner?
A: Mohit is an extremely ambitious person, dedicated to his work and relationships. These are the very qualities that attracted me towards him. However, he takes too much stress when it comes to work, which I feel it is unnecessary at times.
M: Addite is very compassionate person and that’s what I love the most about her. I must admit though, that she is a bit lazy. I would want her to change that.

How do you react to fans’ attention towards your partner?
A: (Laughs) I love it! I am proud of the fact that my husband gets a huge amount of attention. Having said that, I do get jealous sometimes. But we’re in an industry where it is unavoidable, so I have learnt to live with it.
M: I think it is part of our job, and hence I do not think much about the attention from the fans. But, I feel there is a limit to everything and one should not cross that. Or else, the ‘real Mohit’ will come out and you don’t want to meet him!