Television stars revive their favourite scenes from DDLJ

The iconic film will be completing 1000 weeks tomorrow

Aneri Vajani- I love the ‘Palat’ scene. I think it started a new language of love in bollywood. After DDLJ it become an evident sign for a boy, that a girl loves him. I just love the way Shah Rukh has done that scene.

Preetika Rao– The karva chauth scene where Raj fasts for Simran, was a trend setting one. I think that's what true love is all about.

Karan Patel– Who can forget Shah Rukh and Kajol's church scene from DDLJ? SRK is tremendous in it. It shows the starting phase of love which is been portrayed superbly "

Vrushika Mehta– The bonfire sequence where the Zara Sa Jhoom Loon, song happens and ofcourse the climax where Shah Rukh pulls Kajol into the train. Both these scenes are equally lovable.

Divyanka Tripathy- The entire Karwa chauth scene . The whole drama happens and in the end she gets to know even SRK has kept the fast for her . Thats areally sweet and iconic scene. It has been repeated in so many movies and TV shows, after DDLJ , Including my show. But the DDLJ one was epic .

Harshad Arora: The bedroom scene of Kajol and SRK. As there was one scene like that in 'Beintehaa' also . When Aaliya gets up with a hangover . Without realising what happened the previous night and Zain uses it in his advantage.

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