'The transistor was bought from chor bazaar.'

DC readers meet the PK cast. And it was a blast!

Hyderabad: Lucky winners of the DC-PK contest gathered to watch 3 Idiots and amidst much laughter and tears, the 50 selected from Hyderabad managed to catch a glimpse of their favourite star, Aamir Khan — along with Anushka Sharma, director Raj Kumar Hirani, producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra and PK’s co-writer Abhijit Joshi.

The crowd was at its curious best too, with Aamir and the cast doing their best to make sure all questions were answered to everyone’s satisfaction. While one fan talked about having collected all of Aamir’s photos in a book, another had brought along with her a 1998 clipping of the Deccan Chronicle that had Aamir’s interview. But it were only parents-to-be, Rohan and Meera Korwar, who were lucky to get a photograph with Aamir. Hubby Rohan had wanted Aamir to “wish his baby” and when the actor asked where the child was, he just pointed at his expecting wife, Meera, who was obviously, delighted.

And then came the questions we had asked DC readers to send, ahead of Tuesday’s meet. Reader S.A. Ahmed had asked, “Where did you (Aamir) buy that famous PK transistor from? And is the full form of PK… Perfect Khan?” Aamir found the question extremely funny saying “That’s very innovative… Perfect Khan. I wish it was so, but unfortunately it’s not,” and director Raju Hirani added, “The transistor was bought from chor bazaar.”

Another reader, Moatasim Qadri had asked, “Will PK have a message just like your previous movies?” Aamir replied, “PK is based on a very fundamental topic. It has something the audience can take away.”

Meanwhile, excited contest winner kept raising hands to ask their questions. When asked if there would be a sequel to 3 Idiots with the three Khans, Aamir immediately turned to Raju saying, “You should consider it.” Anushka was, of course, asked about Virat Kohli and one cheeky contest winner took the star by surprise by asking if an Australia trip was scheduled soon. Stunned, Anushka tried to answer twice but instead just smiled, which made Aamir say, “You want India to win right? Then we can’t have her there. It will be a distraction.”

Reader Shekhar, meanwhile, had said that his outlook as a parent had changed after watching Taare Zameen Par and asked what were Aamir’s fears as a parent. Aamir replied, “When it comes to my kids, I think I’m always very scared about their safety. I’m continuously checking up on them, calling them to ask where they are and more.”

Another fan asked Aamir what would he be if not an actor, would he try his hand at tennis? “After playing last night with Roger Federer, which was probably the worst I might have ever played, I don’t think tennis. But yes I would have been somehow involved in sports or been a teacher.”

( Source : dc correspondent )
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