Why women believe more in astrology than men

A new study observed that it might be due to 'entrenched sexism'
Washington: A new study has shed light on why women believe in astrology more than men and observed that it might be due to "entrenched sexism".
According to the study, women believing more in astrology could be considered a side effect of a male-dominated society, the Mashable reported.
Dr. Phil Zuckerman, an author and sociology professor at Pitzer College, stated that since men tend to globally dominate roles associated with power and privilege, women accepted the psychological comfort and institutional support of religion.
Dr. Gad Saad, a marketing professor at Concordia University explained that it was likely to be the mechanism that was driving why women believed in astrology more.
Blogger Nicole A. Murray stated that scientific research like this and statistical polls have paved the way for astrology to be heavily marketed toward women.
( Source : ANI )
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