World's first herbal Quran showcased in Dubai

Herbal cream has been used to engrave the letters, chapter names and headings

Dubai: The world's first handcrafted herbalHoly Quran, made from about 200 medicinal plants, has been unveiled here. The Quran has been made by the Islamic arts and calligraphy company, Heddem Arts and has been crafted over 23 years from 1957 to 1979 by Turkish Unani Doctor Hamdi Taher. The Quran is made of high potency herbal mixtures prepared as per Unani medical system.

"Herbal sheets of the Holy Quran have many therapeutic properties when the reader moves his fingers on the letters or in and around the pages, the herbal mixture seeps through the pores in the fingers, providing health benefits," Heddem Arts said in a statement.
The herbal-cream-written Quran includes 606 pages and weighs about 7.5 kilogramme. "Patiently handcrafted over the years, every word and
design in the Holy Quran is made without using any printing
technology, tools or machinery because of which it is truly one of a kind," Abdul Azeaz Bin Hassan, Islamic religious adviser at Heddem Arts, said.
"We contacted 1,714 museums in 80 countries to verify that no one else has crafted such a unique Holy Quran or any other book, it is truly one of a kind," he said. Heddem Arts is a company and place that speaks of extra ordinary rare kind of Holy Qurans, Islamic Arts, Calligraphs, and expertise.
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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