Real-life couple Ashish Sharma and Archana Taide spill the beans

Published Dec 6, 2014, 10:49 pm IST
Updated Mar 30, 2019, 8:47 am IST
The actors share some of their favourite moments on the show

One of television’s most popular real-life couples Ashish Sharma and Archana Taide, in a tete-a-tete on love and life.

1) How did you meet and was it love at first sight?


Ashish -We met in Baroda at Sagar studio, I used to shoot for ‘Chandragupta Maurya’ and she used to come for Shanidev’s shoots. We met through our common director friend Gautam Nagrath. I guess for me it was love at first sight.

Archana –Yes, it was in Baroda. In middle of a jungle. Both of us were shooting for our respective shows, met through our director friend. For me it was not love at first sight, but for Ashish yes it was.


2) Some qualities that you admire about each other and something you would like to change in each other?

Ashish- I love her honesty but at times it’s too much to digest.

Archana-The quality that I admire the most in Ashish is that he is a person who will encourage/ push/ help/ advice his partner to grow in life both professionally and personally. My goal is his goal. Rare to find men like him now a days. Very liberal man, so no complaints.


3) How do you react to fan attention/flirting that your partner gets?

Ashish -I totally love it and feel proud..itna logo ki fantasy is mine forever

Archana- I don’t feel jealous at all, in fact I feel proud of myself, the world desires him and he is mine forever.


4) Some memorable compliments from fans that both of you got as a couple?

Ashish- we often get one compliment and that is we have identical smiles.

Archana-All our fans have always loved us unconditionally, indeed we feel blessed. I feel very happy when seeing us as a couple our fans say that believe in true love. We make them believe that love does exist.  Our fans call us Ashna (Ashish + Archana) and we call our new house Ashna too.


5) Any memories from your wedding that you recall?

Ashish - I was on the horse dancing and when I entered the venue I could see Archana across the wall and she was hell scared, I believe my happiness and excitement kind of soothed her down a bit.

Archana-That’s true. I wanted to run away from the wedding because I was getting very scared but when I saw Ashish dancing (he was sitting on the ghodi) I don’t know why I just felt relieved and happy. Suddenly everything was fine, the first thought that crossed my mind was that he is the right man for me, he will love me forever...and so he does.


6) Who proposed first and memories from your courtship period?

Ashish-.I did and she ran away and then for the whole courting period I was practically chasing her only.

Archana- Ashish proposed first. He never proposed me for dating, he directly proposed me for marriage. We were in long distance relationship during our courtship period.


7) One scene performed by your partner that is your personal favourite and from which show?

Ashish-From ‘Qubool Hai’ where she cries in the shower, very well executed and very well lived by Archana.

Archana- I love all his scenes from ‘Chandragupta Maurya’ show. In all his scenes he used to give bare body shots and I used to find it very hot and sexy.


8) Any memorable surprises or gesture that you received from your partner?

Ashish-.In this area I am more fortunate because she is a master in giving surprises. Last birthday party during Jhalak was the best I needed that breather during the entire hectic schedule, she just knows how to do it.

Archana-when I had signed a new show. Ashish had prepared a candle light dinner for me and after having 2 glasses of wine he proposed me. According to him professional life sort ho gayi thi so why not sort personal life too.


9) What do you believe is necessary to keep the romance alive?

Ashish-Keep innovating and keep the friendship alive

Archana-If you don’t want to cheat on your partner or if you expect your partner should not cheat on you, then its necessary to keep romance alive.. It’s just a thought of keep your partner happy forever.


10) One thing about your partner that fans don’t know?

Ashish- Archana is almost a dream machine she sees almost 3-4dreams every night and she even remembers all of them.

Archana- Ashish is very lazy. And he does talk a lot but only in front of his friends.


Rapid fire

1) Love- Ashish: selfless, Archana :Ashish.

2) Surprises- Ashish : sweet, Archana : received only once ever in my life.

3) TV- Ashish : needs innovation, Archana: entertainment .

4) Favourite Accessories- Ashish : hats, glares and shoes, Archana- none (strange but true).

5) Marriage- Ashish : not everybody's cup of tea, Archana: forever.

6) Family- Ashish : essential,  Archana: it always comes first.

 7) Fans- Ashish: innocent,  Archana: blessed with their unconditional love.

8) Date- Ashish : going on one tonight with wifey, Archana: Moments which stays with you forever.

9) Happiness- Ashish : illusion,  Archana :one’s own responsibility.

10) Pets- Ashish : completely selfless Archana: my babies carbon scotch and toofan.