Anasuya all set to go

Anasuya is excited to make her film debut

Glamorous anchor and TV actress Anasuya will be making her big screen debut soon.

The actress, who had been waiting for the right role, says, “I got the right script and I decided to do the film.”

She adds, “If you look at my TV career, I have anchored for different kind of programmes, from kids to women to adventures to comedy etc. In films too, I would like to do a different one, not a regular one. Thus I waited for the right subject,” she says.

Shooting for her debut film, which she says will be a thriller, will start in March. Adivi Sesh is playing the lead actor while Ravikanth Parepu is the director.

“It’s a different character and one will see a new Anasuya in this film. So to get into the character, the director is conducting workshops for me,” she says.

Talking about the film she says that the genre is thriller, but “I can’t talk more about the film or my character”.

She also added that she wanted to see the audience response to this film and then decide on her future course of action. “

Till now I have got good reaction from people for my TV programmes. My fans have been very encouraging and have always appreciated my hard work. I am confident that they will encourage me when it comes to this film too,” says Anasuya.

Mother of two, Anasuya admits she is thankful to the support from her husband and in-laws. “Without my husband backing me up, I would not have come this far.

He always respects my decisions,” says Anasuya. “Even when people circulate wrong information about me, he doesn’t get affected. He knows that in this industry, some people will always try to tear you down. I am lucky that he understands me.”

( Source : dc )
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