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Movie Review 'Chakkiligintha': Lead pair shines in predictable fare

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Published on: December 6, 2014 | Updated on: Invalid date

Debutant director Vema Reddy has come up with Chakkiligintha



Cast: Sumanth Ashwin, Rehhana, Thagubothu Ramesh and Viva Harsha
Director: Vema Reddy
Rating: 2 stars
It seems to be the year of directors. Yet another debutant director Vema Reddy has come up with Chakkiligintha with Sumanth Aswin and Rehhana as the lead pair. Vema Reddy comes from Sukumar School of direction, so the film creates some sort of curiosity.
Adi (Sumanth) and Avantika or Avi (Rehhana) study in the same college. Adi is a sort of love guru and tells all the boys to not express their feelings to their girlfriends until the girls reveal their true feelings. Avi comes to know that Adi is the person behind the sudden change in the boys and takes up the challenge of making Adi fall in love with her. Does she succeed? What does Adi do? These form the crux of the story.
Vema Reddy chooses a love story for his debut. Though in the promos, the makers say that the film has a new concept, in reality the subject is an old one. Though the director made an interesting first half, the latter half is boring and the end is predictable. 
When it comes to the performance, the lead pair has done a remarkable job. Sumanth has matured a lot, compared to his earlier three films. He puts in a lot of effort and comes up with a good performance. Rehhana too comes up with a credible performance.  Though, this is her first Telugu film, she does her role like a seasoned actress. The big minus is comedian Thaguboth Ramesh’s love track. It does not suit the actor at all. 
Micky J. Meyer has composed the music and a few songs are nice and also picturised well. The cinematography is also good and captures the beautiful locations of Vizag and other places. 
Director Vema Reddy succeeds only in parts in his debut venture. Except the lead pair’s good performance and a few jokes here and there, the film has nothing great to offer.
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