I have loved only one person in life: Renu Desai

Renu Desai speaks about their failed marriage with the star and how she still loves him

Speaking out for the first time about her marriage with Pawan Kalyan, the actor’s ex-wife, Renu Desai, recently uploaded her interview on social media to clear the air.

Stating that she did not want any money when she separated from the superstar, she said, “My love was not only blind, but also deaf and dumb. I married a person whom I loved. I didn’t know about his first marriage, and when I came to know, I didn’t take it seriously as I loved him so much at that time.

“After 11 years of marriage, we separated amicably. We never fought, especially in front of the kids.”

She added, “There was news that I took money from him at the time of separation, but that’s not true.”

Renu said that Pawan Kalyan was a humble and nice person. “My friends still ask me to go back to him.

But how can I do that? I have to respect his private life. He has a wife and I don’t know what she thinks. Some of my friends are also advising me to get married again but I can’t do it. I can love only one person in life,” she said in the interview.

She was only 19 when she had married Pawan. “My parents were against our marriage. But after one year they adjusted. I explained everything to them and they accepted.”

Talking about her kids, she said that Pawan Kalyan was in touch with them. “There is pain in my life, but I am getting over it now.

I am concentrating on my kids; I wanted to introduce my son Akira in my film and I did it. But a few people made it into a controversy, but I take it as entertainment,” she added.

Later she also stated on social media: “Coming to my interview, nenu naa side clarify chesanu. Nenu oka word kuda Kalyan Garu against matladledu. What he did was his wish. Nenu oka word lo kuda aain ki blame chey ledhu.

I respect him and it has got nothing to do with our marriage or divorce. Definitely naku naa personal pain undi, kaani that does not make him a bad person. So pls I request everyone not to talk negative about anyone.

I did the interview to clear all false accusations against me, not to hurt or blame Kalyan Garu. Thanking all of you once again for making my Bday so special:) pls be happy & positive in your life (sic).”

( Source : dc correspondent )
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