Why target small stars

Thammareddy Bharadwaj accused Telugu actresses of not performing at Memu Saitham

Ritu Varma: I was very much a part of Memu Saitham. I was also present at the studios where the cheque was presented to the CM. I don’t know why my name was dragged into this despite having participated actively; I even missed a family function.

Madhushalini: I was shooting for Gopala Gopala with Venkatesh, Shriya and other members in Vizag. When I returned to Hyderabad, I got a call from Vishnu Manchu who asked me to play for his kabaddi team. I drove to the venue where the matches were played. After that I participated in cricket matches in another stadium. Later, they asked me to come to the main venue where I participated in the Antakshari. I did whatever they asked me to do.

Puunam Khaur: I was not well during the past week and yet I went for the rehearsals. I was there, all the three days from announcing the jersey of teams, cricket matches, kabaddi and also for the main event. I have contributed Rs 1 lakh for the cause. We are all working in the Telugu film industry and most of us participated in the event. Before this I was even part of the event that raised funds for the Jammu & Kashmir victims.

Reshma Rathod: I was in Tamil Nadu shooting for a Telugu film. I did not get any calls from anybody about performing. If they had asked me, I would have requested my producer and would try to come here to participate in the event.

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