Telangana State plans to take over Inter Board

The government is seeking advice from the advocate-general on the issue
Hyderabad: The Telangana government is moving fast to wrest control of the Board of Intermediate Education (BIE) and take advantage in the tussle relating to the Intermediate examination with the AP government.
The Telangana law department has already informed the government that the state would inherit BIE. Following this, the government is seeking advice from the advocate-general on the issue.
If Telangana succeeds in taking over the board, the AP government may have to pay Telangana for the conduct of exams in that state. Remaining firm on separate exams, TS education minister G. Jagdish Reddy offered to hold exams for AP as well.
“Intermediate Board belongs to TS government but we are ready to hold separate exams for students of Andhra Pradesh. Mr Jagdish Reddy said on Tuesday that the government was not worried about Governor E.S.L. Narsimhan informing the Centre about the TS government’s stance of conducting separate exams.
“The Telangana government is abiding by all aspects of the Reorgani-sation Act but AP is creating unnecessary controversies. We will conduct separate exams,” he said. Sources said that the Telangana government has already sought legal advice from the law department which said the BIE would belong to the Telangana government.
To avoid any hiccups, the advocate-general will give his comments on the government taking control of the BIE.
With talks falling throu-gh time and again, sources say this will ensure Telan-gana has the upper hand in the argument since AP will be left without the BIE and will have to concede.
AP may also have to pay the TS government for the conduct of exams. “Definitely to utilise the services, the AP will have to pay. But this aspect hasn’t been thought about. Anyway, the board is a surplus body and gets money through examination fees from students,” sources said.
( Source : dc correspondent )
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