Ranveer Singh urges people to talk about safe sex on a web show

"Sex is a beautiful and perfectly natural phenomenon, so there's really no reason to be cagey about it"

Mumbai: Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh who is known for his maverick ways and crazy antics both on and off the screen, recently collaborated with two iconic youth brands, MTV, the ultimate word on youth and Durex to create a web show called Durex MTV Rex Talk for which he recently shot a video promoting safe sex on the occasion of World AIDS Day which is celebrated on 1st December all across the world.

Speaking about the need to open up about sex, Ranveer Singh said, "I wish my compatriots would be a lot more pro-active in tackling issues, and address them head-on, on the front-foot, rather than be passive about pressing matters. The attitude towards sex in India is one such matter that needs to be brought to the fore and addressed. The trivialisation of sex in the country is rampant. People discreetly make jokes about it all the time but when the time comes to talk about it openly they don’t. As such, the hypocrisy surrounding sex in India is widespread. For a large section of the people it's still treated as a taboo subject."

Drawing attention to the issues that face the country today, he added, "We are the second most populated country on this earth - I feel it’s rather hypocritical to deny how that situation came to be! It’s silly that in today’s day and age, we still shy away from talking about how we came into existence."

"Sex is a beautiful and perfectly natural phenomenon. Everyone does it and by no means is it a bad or evil thing. So there's really no reason to be cagey about it. The facilitation of an open and healthy discussion about sex amongst young people is important to combat the repressed status of sex in India. Durex MTV Rex Talk is a show that talks about sex and does just that." He concluded.

Ranveer shot one-of-its-kind show, watch it here.

( Source : dc )
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