Being a woman I will not only stand up for myself, but also for my family : Veena Malik on blasphemy charge

Published Dec 1, 2014, 2:37 pm IST
Updated Jan 10, 2016, 8:38 am IST
The actress has filed an appeal against the harsh 26-year sentence

Mumbai: Actress-turned-homemaker Veena Malik and her husband Asad Bashir Khan who have been sentenced to 26 years in prison by Pakistani court for alleged profanity, filed an appeal on Monday against the harsh sentence.

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Stirred but not shaken Veena said from Dubai, “We will file a plea on Monday. We are very happy to see our voice has been heard in all corners of the world.  All the leading publications from the world over including Time, The Independent, Guardian, Mail and Mirror have covered the issue strongly.”

Amnesty International has also taken up Veena’s fight against the radical judgement. “Yes, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are on it. We are hopeful that we’ll get true justice in my country.”

Veena says she is very disturbed that her credentials as a true Muslim are being questioned. “As a Muslim I strongly believe in the institution of Islam and me and my husband as Muslims hold the Holy Prophet PBUH and His respectable family and the Sahabae Karam at the highest esteem and regard. Therefore it's beyond our wildest imagination to be the part of anything that directly or indirectly disrespects the Institution."

If she had done any wrong Veena says she’d gladly accept any punishment."We believe that every religion should be respected and whoever disrespects should be punished.”

However she objects to religion being used to settle scores. “Using Islam for personal gains and profits by some elements and organisations should be condemned .We strongly believe and many agree with us that the Ulmae Karam has issued a fatwah where blasphemy doesn't even apply The same religious song for which we have been wrongly sentenced has been played by all the leading channels and during weddings on various shows. My husband and I were sitting in a respectful manner when the Qawwalli was played .We didn't utter a single world or indulge in any action which can be called blasphemous. "

As a woman and a mother Veena is getting support from the world over. “The Host of the programme that triggered off the attack on me and my husband has already served an apology for her actions and it was accepted by many Ulma Karam. Being a woman I will not only stand up for myself but also for my family too, as I am now a mother of a 2 month old baby .My state of motherhood has strengthened me. No force can separate me from my child. I would request each and every person who believes in basic human rights to stand up and be my voice against this unfair verdict."