Preetika Rao and Zain aka Harshad Arora bid adieu to fans

Published Nov 22, 2014, 4:04 am IST
Updated Jan 10, 2016, 8:50 am IST
Beintehaa will be going off air on November 21

Mumbai: TV’s darlings Aaliya aka Preetika Rao and Zain aka Harshad Arora bid adieu to fans this week, with Beintehaa going off air. We caught up with them for one last conversation and got them to answer questions sent in by some lucky readers

What was your reaction when you found out about Beintehaa going off air?
Preetika –The rumours had been on since August that the show will end in December, so we were mentally prepared. Then we got hit by a sudden bomb when in the first week of November, we were informed the show is ending in eight-nine days. It’s a crazy feeling, as actors we were hoping the show runs till atleast 31st December and completes a year, but I’m happy its ending on an interesting note.
Harshad-It was obviously an emotional moment. The actors and crew are like family now. Lots of memories come back and I know I’ll definitely miss the show a lot.
Have you been catching up on some rest during your break?
Preetika –I’ve been down with Typhoid since the last three days. While shooting for the last two episodes, I was afraid I would collapse. Today I’m feeling a bit better. Instead of planning a holiday, I’m actually planning on catching up with friends at my favourite spots in Bandra like Bandstand for example. For the past one year I only travelled to the studio and back home in my car. Then in January Harshad and I travel to Kolkata where we will receive the Kalakaar awards.
Harshad – I don’t have time for a break, I’m doing a new reality show on the same channel Colors, and I start working on that immediately. A break is in store but after that.
Do you recall your first day of the show’s shoot?
Preetika-Yes, cycling in Bhopal and shooting Zain-Aaliya’s first meeting which we shot at Gohar Mahal.
Harshad-I recall my introduction where I came out from freezing cold water.
Are you open to Beintehaa part 2?
Preetika -It is for the producers and channel to take a call but as actors Harshad and I may takeup other projects, so we should be available, if and when season 2 is being planned.
Some behind the scenes memories of Zain-Aaliya scenes?
Preetika -There was this scene where Zain and Aaliya try to shoo a snake away and we were shooting with an actual snake. The funny part was everytime we would shoo the snake, he would actually move away, like he was understanding what we are saying. So the team had to keep getting the snake back. Also the latest scene where Aaliya slaps Zain’s humshakal Rocket. I was actually slapping Harshad for some fun. I told the director, let me slap him the scene wil look funny. Then I also told the director ‘Is scene ka retake karte hai.’ Poor guy had to bear it all quietly.
Harshad – Ya I said ‘Retake hi kyun rehersal bhi kar lete hai, uske baad retake.’ My favourite is the scene where Zain finds Aaliya after the riots and the following sweet moments.
Who/What will you miss most from the cast and crew and the set?
Preetika – I will miss our directors Ankur and Maan. I look forward to working with them. Also, Suchitra (Pillai) and Harshad, since most of my scenes were with them. From the set I will miss my room that I had decorated with fan momentos, like Buddha statues, cards etc. I had my room fully equipped with a bed, mosquito net and microwave. I will miss every nook and corner of the set especially the backyard. I felt so peaceful sitting there in the sunlight. Zain’s swimming scenes were also shot there. Now I have these gifts in my room at home. There are six huge teddy bears, photoframes etc.
Harshad- Everyone from Suchi to Vivek and others, everyone’s like family. Will miss the whole set and Barkat Villa.
How would you describe each other?
Preetika – For Harshad it would be :Witty, hardworking and jovial. He had this habit of mocking me and I would give him whacks on his back. In between romantic scenes he would say, “Aaliyaji mood mein aa rahi hai” and I would get annoyed and whack him.
Harshad- Preetika is patient, calm and composed. It’s rare to find a co-star so patient.
What do you feel about the names fans have given your jodi- Zaya and Harshika?
Preetika – More than Zaya and Harshika I like Mallika-e-fan. Some fans gifted me a trophy with this title. But all names are beautiful.
Harshad – Zaya is nice, it shows the audiences love for Zain-Aaliya.
Preetika, would you do a show like Khatron Ke Khiladi, that Harshad is doing next? Or Bigg Boss?
Preetika –I wouldn’t do them. As for Bigg Boss I am somebody who is comfortable only being an actor, I wouldn’t compromise on my privacy even if I’m paid a million bucks.My personal space means the would to me. As for KKK, I am adventurous. I have been to adventure Della where I did rope climbing, walking on a rope etc but I wouldn’t do it on TV. I am not open to risking my life and my face. As actors we should be careful about our face and looks, I am not that daring.