How to turn off blue ticks on WhatsApp with new update

Published Nov 17, 2014, 5:40 pm IST
Updated Mar 30, 2019, 1:47 pm IST

Developers at WhatsApp recently turned on blue ticks for the messenger service, which gave away the information to the sender that you have read his or her message.

The blue tick feature, though a great option, it did not go down well in the chat community. People looking at the blue tick option as a double-sided sword panicked because the information about the person reading the message and not responding back immediately could mean a lot of things.

This looked as a negative impact to people as their privacy was indirectly invaded. While most wanted to keep the option off, just like the previous last seen status option, there was no option provided in the app.

We showed you in a previous article how you could temporarily get rid of the blue tick nuisance and read the messaged without sending the blue double tick information to the sender by a simple widget feature. Read:How to disable 'blue ticks' on WhatsApp

However, we also did mentioned later that the developers at WhatsApp have been testing the blue tick switching feature as an option in a beta version. This new update was not released to public on the respective app stores. Also read: WhatsApp makes the blue ticks optional!

Now WhatsApp has officially released the new updated app (version 2.11.444), where the option for the blue tick feature, known as read receipts, can be turned off. However, they have still not gone entirely public with the new update and are supplying it via their website.


If you don’t want to wait for the official release on the Play Store and want the feature immediately, you can download the WhatsApp update from the website directly. Simply download the apk file to your computer, transfer the file to the SD card of your smartphone and using a file browser, install the app. Make sure you have enabled the option to install unknown apps in the settings of the Android smartphone.

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