Movie review 'Erra Bus': Heavy dose of sentiment

The film focuses on the grandfather-grandson bond

Cast: Dasari Narayana Rao, Vishnu Manchu, Catherine Teresa, Raghu Babu
Director: Dasari Narayana Rao
Rating: 3 stars

Veteran director Dasari Narayana Rao is back to directing a film after a long gap. This is his 151th film as director and apart from directing, he also plays a key role in it. Manchu Vishnu and Catherine Teresa form the lead pair.

The story revolves around a grandfather and his grandson. Rajesh (Vishnu) is a small town boy raised by his grandfather Narayana Rao (Dasari).

The boy later settles down in Hyderabad working. His goal is to migrate to the US and settle there and he is working hard to reach his goal. He falls in love with a young doctor Raji (Catherine).

Rajesh also loves his grandfather and decides to bring him to Hyderabad as he wants to spend quality time with him before he leaves for the US.

Narayana lands in Hyderabad. The residents in the apartment complex misunderstand his rural behaviour and complain to Rajesh, who does not take the complaints seriously.

But one day, because of his grandfather, Rajesh’s love life and his ambitions get in trouble. How Rajesh handles this is what the film is about.

Dasari has always excelled in dramas. In this film too he shows his experience as director. When it comes to the performance, Dasari is at his best.

Vishnu is exceptionally mature. Catherine looks good and justifies her character. The starting of the film is slow, but once Dasari enters, the drama begins.

( Source : dc )
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