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Children step in where adults fear to tread

Published Nov 11, 2014, 4:59 am IST
Updated Mar 30, 2019, 3:21 pm IST
Samanvith Inkollu is making an effort to raise awareness about sexual abuse in the rural areas
Breaking the taboo:  Samanvith Inkollu (second from left) with other volunteers. (Photo: DC)
 Breaking the taboo: Samanvith Inkollu (second from left) with other volunteers. (Photo: DC)
Hyderabad: The past two months have been a tryst with horrifying reality with many cases of abuse, physical and sexual against children having been reported. Not willing to stay 
uninvolved any longer, 
children have decided to take up the matter and work to raise awareness about sexual abuse against children. One such student, Samanvith Inkollu, who is pursuing 12th-standard from Abhyasa International School, is raising awareness, not in the city, but in rural areas with the program ‘Unheard Screams’.
“Children in urban areas have access to educated parents. It becomes easier for them to approach an adult. Children in rural areas do not have these benefits. The word ‘sexual’ is a taboo there, but they too need to learn about good touch and bad touch,” says Samanvith, who visited the village Toopran and started his campaign with 15 other members of his age-group.
“Initially, the school management dismissed the idea completely. So I had to beg them to give me a chance,” he says. After the first presentation, the schools began to understand the importance of such awareness. “We also taught them how to get out of such a situation and how to report any abuse,” he adds. 
As part of the campaign, the group has covered 3000 students, all between the age of six and thirteen in the village of Toopran and 1,000 students in Mancherial. On November 6, the group also hosted a walk to raise awareness for sexual abuse against children.