New Saudi Arab law bans 'tempting eyes' of women

The latest decree has been strongly criticised on social media

Riyadh: A new law in Saudi Arabia seeks to ban "tempting eyes" of women in yet another example of female oppression in the country, according to

The law reportedly states that women with alluring eyes will have to wear a full veil. This law has been strongly criticised on social media.

Sheikh Motlab al Nabet, spokesman of the Saudi Arabian Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, reportedly said they "had the right" to force women to cover their face.

"The men of the committee will interfere to force women to cover their eyes, especially the tempting ones. We have the right to do so," the quoted him as saying.

Many commentators wondered how the word 'tempting' would be applied. One commentator suggested it referred to "uncovered eyes with a nice shape and makeup".

"Or even without makeup, if they are beautiful, the woman will be in trouble," he added.

Prince Naif, who is set to succeed his father King Abdullah, suggested that any Muslim should support the Committee's new law. Many had hoped that his ascension to the Saudi throne would bring an end to this kind of draconian oppression, but unfortunately he looks as intolerant as his father.

"It should be supported because it is a pillar of Islam. If you are a Muslim, you should support the committee," the report quoted him as saying.

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