Will stop garbage trucks: Mandur villagers

Mavallipura, Mandur residents threaten to approach court

BENGALURU: A couple of days after the high court directed the BBMP to process only organic waste at Mavallipura and Mandur landfills, Mandur villagers on Sunday reminded the BBMP about Chief Minister Siddaramaiah's promise to stop dumping of garbage near the site from November 30, and threatened to stop garbage trucks from dumping garbage near their village from Monday.

Mr Gopala Rao, a resident of Mandur who spearheaded the protest, said, "We expect the government to honour the promise they made to us. The BBMP officials have misled the high court.

We will appeal before the court against the order. But before that, we will approach the chief minister to ascertain the government's stand. If the government and BBMP plan to send fresh garbage forcefully, the villagers will stop the lorries immediately and will not wait till November 30."

Mavallipura residents said that they will go to jail, but will not allow BBMP to dump fresh garbage at the landfill near their village.

Gram Panchayat member and activist B. Srinivas said, "We will brief the court about the present condition at the village. As per the BBMP and government's promise, let them decontaminate the area and clear the accumulated waste before bringing in fresh garbage."

While the BBMP and government may be feeling relieved that the high court has allowed them to send fresh organic waste to Mavallipura and Mandur for processing, the residents of both the villages are planning to oppose BBMP’s move and stage dharnas.

An activist and member of Mavallipura gram panchayat B. Srinivas said the Mavallipura landfill was shut in 2012 following a vehement protest and an order from the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB).

Unfortunately, the villagers’ interests have been ignored by the BBMP, which had polluted air, water and environment of Mavallipura and surrounding villages by unscientifically dumping the garbage collected from Bengaluru.

Even the contractor Ramky Infrastructure Ltd has failed to adhere to contract terms and conditions in processing the waste. It has affected the health of villagers and BBMP has done nothing to alleviate their misery, he added.

The villagers will not allow any fresh garbage into Mavallipura landfill unless the accumulated waste is cleared and certain promises are adhered to. The villagers will unitedly oppose and are ready to go to jail, Srinivas said.

Meanwhile, the villagers will also bring to high court’s notice the contamination of land and water. The leachate from the garbage has spread to the open lakes and wells, depriving the livestock of fresh water, he added.

Meanwhile, the villagers from Mandur said that they too are upset with the BBMP and government and would oppose dumping of fresh garbage at Mandur landfill.

“Not a single ward is segregating the waste. BBMP has no ability to bring organic or segregated waste. The condition of the Mandur will only be worsened if fresh garbage is allowed.

However, we will also approach the court and apprise it about the inhuman condition in which the farmers are living,” said Gopala M. Rao, a Mandur villager.

If the BBMP and government have plans to dump fresh waste beyond December 1, the garbage trucks will be blocked from Monday or Tuesday, after a meeting by villagers. Before that the villagers will meet CM, Rao added.

Meanwhile 25 trucks sent back from Mandur

Commotion prevailed at Mandur landfill on Sunday when the villagers sent back about 25 garbage laden trucks without allowing them to unload.

The villagers were upset as a BBMP engineer breached their trust and agreement by dumping 25 trucks of waste at Mandur landfill on Saturday afternoon.

Although dumping of garbage beyond the stipulated time of 10 pm and 10 am is not allowed, the engineers had opened the gate of the landfill using a duplicate key.

The villagers are keeping a tight vigil from 10 pm to 10 am to ensure that no extra garbage lorries reach Mandur for dumping. Due to the BBMP highhandedness on Saturday, the villagers sent back some trucks on Sunday.

Later the BBMP authorities approached the villagers seeking a patch up and admitted to their mistake. They also assured that it would not be repeated, Rao added.

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