Kiss of love protest: Lumpen gangs fear youth power, says Dr David

Published Nov 3, 2014, 11:02 am IST
Updated Mar 30, 2019, 5:06 pm IST
Parents do not show their mutual love in front of their children

Kochi: The reason why disparate political organisations oppose the Kiss of Love campaign is not because it grates on their moral sensibilities but because they are mortally afraid of the rising tide of youth power that usher in reforms and break up the conventional stranglehold on power structures.

Says Dr K S David, the director of the Central Institute of Behavioural Sciences: "Even in north India, people kiss each other to show affection, approval and endorsement. But it gets a different connotation when sceptics and puritans attribute sexual intentions behind such public acts of socialising".

Besides, vested interests shudder at the sight of unprecedented massing of youth. The motley crowds of different youth organisations took the streets out of the fear that the small band of youth, shouting down moral policing, would soon dislodge from their entrenched positions in society.

The birth of Aam Admi Party owes to this sense of solidarity among the youth for change. When youth across the country come together, hungering for freedom and against social shibboleths, it definitely has the potential to usher in a new era.

So the "lumpen"  protest is not against lip lock or French kiss, it is against losing power.

“Kissing is a way of expressing love and affection and not something derogatory. It’s very common to express intimacy and love through a kiss and it’s a universal symbol".

"As long as it does not antagonise another person, there is no meaning in interfering with such acts. I believe the ones who interfere are doing so out of jealousy rather than their belief in some set social principle. It’s perfectly alright for girls and boys to kiss to express their love. But when such an innocuous and spontaneous display of love and affection is done in public, not in secret, there is little scope for moral policing".

The problem with Kerala society is that even parents do not show their mutual love in front of their children. Doing this will disabuse children of false notions of decency and morality, said Dr David.

Location: Kerala