Maruti Suzuki Swift, Datsun Go are unsafe cars: Report

A few hatchback cars that you own have also received zero stars in adult safety

Yes, Maruti Suzuki Swift and Datsun Go are the cars that received a zero star rating by the Global NCAP, a company which deals with car and road safety tests. Now don’t just panic. If you are a safe driver, the cars are wonderful indeed. It’s only that these cars are declared unsafe if you are caught in a head-on collision with another vehicle.

A recent report on the Global NCAP revealed shocking news about one of the most sold cars in India, the Maruti Suzuki Swift. The Swift was put into a crash test and failed. The test revealed “The protection offered to the driver’s head and chest was poor and for this reason the star capping was applied. Driver’s chest protection was weak due to contact with the steering wheel. The passenger’s knees could impact with dangerous structures in the dashboard lie the transfascia tube. The body shell was rated as unstable. The body shell was not capable of withstanding any further loading,” for adult occupants.

As for children, the test revealed “The child seat for the 3 year old child was unable to prevent excessive forward movement during the impact. The 18 months dummy presented high loading in its chest. The 3 years old child shower high loadings in head and chest. The installation instructions on both child seats were insufficient and not permanently attached to the seat. The vehicle was not equipped with a passenger airbag.”

Click here for a detailed report of the crash tests of both the Maruti Swift and Datsun Go.

Interestingly, other cars that also failed the tests and received a complete zero star rating in safety are Maruti Alto 800, the Hyundai i10, the Ford Figo, the Volkswagen Polo, and the Tata Nano.

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