The Grape gatsby

She took over her family legacy a year ago, and since then Grover-Zampa has won nine awards world over, but Karishma Grover seems unaffected by all this. In a candid interview, this successful entrepreneur and a third generation winemaker opens up about her love for wines.

She is vivacious and is high on energy. Over the course of the conversation, Karishma mentions ‘passion’ several times. Probably, that fiery passion towards her business and wine-making, is what propelled her to where she is right now. However, her first tryst with wine, she admits was a not a pleasant experience. “I did not like it at the very first try, I kept wondering how did people ever drink it.” But now, that little girl has grown up to appreciate the sensibilities of fine wine. With a degree in viticulture and an internship at the cellars in Napa Valley.

As the associate winemaker, she is a firm believer of quality wines. She exclaims, there is a rise in the serious quality of wine consumers in the country. She says, “The wine scene is constantly changing, with newer competitors and quality wine-makers. When I came here, it wasn’t the same, the landscape has changed and people understand the quality of wine-making. The wine culture in India is shifting and it echoes the scene in California.” Karishma has risen above all that and has taken Indian winery to the next level, her recent win includes the ‘International Trophy for Sauvignon Blanc, at the third Decanter Asia Wine Awards.’

Ask about her accomplishments in the Grover-Zampa Group, she says, “There is nothing greater than being validated for what you are doing, I am just doing what I can.” She was one of the pioneers to incorporate wine tours in the country, and says that consumers have to experience the art of winery and not just drink it.

Even while enjoying her successes, Karishma does not stop exploring her other passions. “I am always discovering and learning new things, my recent one is to paint. She also enjoys sports, which explains her recent collection from her wine house, ‘Vijay Amritraj’s Reserve Collection,’ about which she exclaims, “It took us almost four years to settle for something that complimented his taste and image. And as a wine connoisseur himself, he brought in so much character to the collection.”

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