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Buzz over UFO sighting

Published Oct 31, 2014, 12:03 pm IST
Updated Mar 30, 2019, 5:45 pm IST
According to witnesses, the glittering object hovered in the sky for some time and vanished

KOCHI: During the last few days, an Unidentified Flying Object has allegedly been spotted in Kochi. Several people have claimed that they have seen UFO-like lights in the sky during rainy days. Some of them have captured the pictures in their mobile phones and shared it through social media and WhatsApp.
“I saw a slow-moving colourful object in the sky on Tuesday just before the rains. It came from the western side and slowly moved and disappeared. Initially, it looked like an aircraft, but its movement was very slow and it was moving up and down,” said M. Sangeetha, who saw it.
According to witnesses, the glittering object hovered in the sky for some time and vanished. Some websites and social media have reported about the UFO sighting.
Meanwhile, Dr. K. Mohan Kumar, professor of Department of Atmospheric Science at Cochin University of Science and Technology said that the object was likely to be flying equipments sent by Navy or other agencies for atmospheric observation and studies.
“Several agencies send such objects to observe changes in atmosphere like wind pressure, direction, speed and humidity. These objects fly up to 26 to 28 km in the sky within two to three hours using hydrogen or helium balloons. Later, the balloon bursts and the object moves slowly in the air before landing. It is likely that sightings reported in the city could be such objects,” he said.
Meanwhile, sources at Southern Naval Command also said that it was an usual practice to send such objects for atmospheric observation.

Location: Kerala