Burglars drilled hole in wall, smashed CCTV cameras

The burglars seem to be professionals

Hyderabad: Medak police said that the Canara Bank branch at Masaipet of Medak district was robbed at around 2 am. The gang had used a gas cutter and drills to dig the hole and damage the grills and lockers. No security guard was present at the bank when the burglars struck.

“The burglars seem to be professionals. They used machines to break the grills and make a hole to get into the building. After getting in, they broke the CCTV cameras located on the way to the locker room.

Four of them were smashed, and the monitors were taken away. At the entry point of the strong room, they broke the grill and lock using gas cutters. Inside, they broke open five lockers in which pledged gold was kept,” said Mr Venkateswaralu.

Police is trying to retrieve the CCTV footage from the broken storage devices left behind by the burglars.

The neighbours did not hear anything. At around 10 am on Tuesday, when officials opened the bank, they found the missing computers and broken strong room doors. A police team and dog squad reached the spot and conducted an inspection.

“We have started a probe after booking a case. Teams have been formed to hunt down the perpetrators,” said Chenguta police inspector A. Nadiswar. Police is also investigating the possibility of an insider’s involvement.

( Source : dc correspondent )
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