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In B’town, you get to be more involved: Ileana D'Cruz

Published Oct 29, 2014, 5:45 am IST
Updated Mar 30, 2019, 6:18 pm IST
Ileana D’Cruz talks about her role, career in Bollywood and her obsessions
Mumbai: Ileana D’Cruz, who plays a writer in the upcoming film Happy Ending, says that unlike her real self, her character, Anchal, is not romantic at all. “Yes! I am writing a romantic novel in the film but my character is not very romantic. But in real life I am emotional and romantic. In the process of writing, my character looks forward to a tall, romantic guy but in real life I do not believe in all that,” says Ileana.
“I am emotional. Whatever my feelings are, they reflect immediately on my face. If anyone would tell me something insignificant like ‘you’ve become fat’, I would get emotionally hurt.”
All praises for her family, Ileana says, “My family members are very sensible and they have always tried their best to keep me happy if at all I get hurt emotionally. I always look forward to their support.”
However, Ileana’s character in Happy Ending is close to her when it comes to being independent. She says, “For me not being dependent on anyone is of utmost importance. I like to earn my own living, run my kitchen. My priority has always been to be a responsible citizen. I always like to take my own decisions. Also, I do not like to be influenced unnecessarily by others. Being independent for me means to be able to progress in life.”
Talking about her earlier career in South industries, Ileana says, “It was not easy for me to get work in South, especially for somebody like me who did not want to become an actor. I had to understand the cultural differences as I belong to Goa. I had to understand the language. But I enjoyed working from the bottom of my heart in South. But I do not have any South films right now in my kitty.” On differences between Bollywood and Tollywood, she adds, “It’s more or less the same. But in the South, as actors, we do not have a lot of involvement. I would go to the sets, perform my scenes and leave for home. I would not dub my films. Whereas in Hindi films we have to get a lot more involved. There’s more than just performing our parts.”              
Not many know the history behind Ileana’s name. “My dad liked the name, which means Helen of Troy; it’s Latin. That’s how I was named Ileana. I haven’t come across anyone with the same name as mine.”
With her birthday on November 1, she is also a true Scorpio. “I hate my house to be disorderly. Even the platform of my kitchen needs to be spick and span before I go to bed. I keep straightening anything lying in a haphazard manner.  I am also obsessed with maintaining cleanliness. I am like a housewife (laughs). Whenever I go abroad, I always look out for cooking pans. I also try to shop for bed sheets instead of shoes or clothes.”