Villagers protest against Bevco

Outlet enlisted to be shut down but revived
KOLLAM: The entire residents from a village in Kollam unite in front of a Beverages Corporation outlet every morning but not to buy liquor, instead to join hands against the outlet. The gathering also includes women and children, irrespective of the colours of their flags (read party affiliations), raising slogans to close down the outlet at Madathara, a village on the Thiruvananthapuram – Kollam border. The protest has gone on for a month and is gaining momentum day-by-day.
The Bevco outlet in Madathara was earlier enlisted to be shut down as part of the new liquor policy by the State Government, however it was later revived. The people protested this decision and started the demonstration ever since, completely blocking employees from opening the outlet. The public also has support from various political and cultural organisations including people’s representatives from various political parties.
The residents point out that the outlet is situated in the densest spot of the town, making it more convenient for users to get to. Two schools, Kani High School and Chithara SNHSS are located very close to the outlet within a radius of a few meters and there were incidents of students being caught in a drunken state.
“The demand of the public is very just. The protest is mostly by women as they are very concerned about their children. The Government should take steps to go with their earlier decision to shut down the outlet if its policy is to eradicate liquor to save society,” Mullakkara Ratnakaran MLA told DC.
The public also points out that the outlet eats up a major share of their income and also has been a major factor for atrocities, accidents, and even suicides taking place in the area. The public has forwarded a petition to the Excise Minister and the Chief Minister, undersigned by hundreds of residents.
( Source : dc )
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