Electricity woes: Telangana forced to generate power, says Chief Minister KCR

Telangana has to get 54 per cent share of power as per AP Reorganisation Act

Hyderabad: Telangana state Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on Monday reiterated before the Krishna River Water Management Board that the TS government is forced to continue power generation in the Srisailam project. The reason is to overcome severe power shortage on account of AP government denying TS its legitimate share of 54 per cent power as specified in AP Reorganisation Act.

He made it clear that there are adequate water levels in Srisailam to take up power generation and AP government has been carrying out false propaganda with regard to water levels in the dam.

Mr Rao cited GOs 69, 107 and 233 issued by earlier AP government with regard to water levels in Srisailam to take up power generation.

Board chairman S.K.G. Pandit met Mr Rao at the Secretariat on Monday in the wake of the tussle between AP and TS over Srisailam power generation issue.

“Telangana has to get 54 per cent share of power as per AP Reorganisation Act. But AP has been blatantly violating it by denying power. Telangana has investments of nearly Rs 1,050 crore in Krishnapatnam.

But AP has been denying 54 per cent power from it. Not only this, they are obstructing power supply for the Hinduja plant. Due to the conspiracies hatched by the AP government, Telangana has been facing acute power shortage. To overcome this, we were left with no option but to generate power from Srisailam project,” Mr Rao told Mr Pandit.

Taking a dig at the AP government for raising a hue and cry over water levels in the Srisailam dam, Mr Rao said, “There are instances earlier when water was utilised in the dam till the level came down to 750 feet.

They utilised water for their drinking and irrigation needs. But now, when we are producing power as per norms and water levels remaining at comfortable level of 857 feet, they are making an unnecessary hue and cry and misleading all.”

He brought to the notice of Mr Pandit that gross injustice is being meted to Telangana for decades with regard to sharing of Krishna water and urged the board to take corrective measures in future.

( Source : dc correspondent )
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