The other side of RoSid: Roli and Siddhant

Published Oct 26, 2014, 2:49 am IST
Updated Mar 30, 2019, 7:03 pm IST
Manish Raisinghan and Avika Gor get talking about their show Sasural Simar Ka
Manish Raisinghan and Avika Gor
 Manish Raisinghan and Avika Gor

Roli and Siddhant of Sasural Simar Ka make one of the most popular couples on prime time television. Fans have endearingly named them “Rosid”. In an exclusive chat, actors Manish Raisinghan and Avika Gor give us a glimpse of what they are like when they are not facing the camera.

What are the qualities you admire in each other and what would you like to change about each other?
Manish: You may call it “great minds think alike” or “fools seldom differ”  that’s the best answer I can give. We have the same approach towards our work, in front of camera and behind the camera. We share the same enthusiasm, open mindedness and the tendency to think out of the box.
As for what I’d like to change about her, I do not want her to grow up because as a kid, when she would come back from school, we shared a very special bond. I would want her to retain that innocence forever. I love kids and I would always want her to remain a kid.
Avika: I like that Manish is very warm and affectionate towards everyone and treats everybody equally. He told me because people say telling me that after I turn 18, our friendship might be seen in a different light, even if he continues to treat me like a kid.

What’s your idea of a perfect date?
Manish: Class to start with and a heart to end with.
Avika: I’m too young to date anybody, so I’ve never really given it a thought.

Tell us about your guilty indulgences.
Manish: Gadgets. Not all gadgets I buy are useful to me and that I realise after buying them. I guess utility is not a driving factor for me. But exploring a new gadget certainly gives me a kick and it’s only later that I feel guilty.
Avika: Overeating. Honestly, I don’t really feel guilty about it but my mom keeps reminding me that this indulgence is detrimental to my career.


Your first crush?
Manish: My fourth standard teacher. The daredevil I used to be, I even confessed my love to her. The good part was that
the feeling was mutual, albeit in a very different way.
Avika: Shahid Kapoor’s character in Ishq Vishk.

Favourite memories from growing up years?
Manish: I have always been a curious kid. Like, I wanted to understand things like what happens if I apply toothpaste on someone’s hair. So I would do that while they would be sleeping. Then I would try to find out more stuff like what happens if I pour water on people while they are asleep. I would do all that and much more that cannot be mentioned here.
Avika: Every moment from my growing up years is special.

Tell us about your most memorable romantic scenes from the show.
Manish: Every Roli-Siddhant scene is memorable for me as each one of them comes straight from the heart. We have poured in our soul blood too, because Avika and I have ended up getting hurt badly in the zest to give the best to our viewers.
Avika: Roli-Siddhant’s wedding was the most awaited sequence. Roli was unwell and Siddhant picked her up in his arms and did the pheras.

One unforgettable moment from your life?
Manish: A personal moment was when my sister’s marriage got fixed and I realised that she would soon be gone. I congratulated everyone and then excused myself, went to my room, opened my cupboard, dug my face deep in a heap of clothes and started crying. Within minutes my sister was there, crying with me. We were very attached to each other and not a day would go by without her telling me about her day and vice versa. We breaking down was funny, as we would both be seen as tough kids. So till date, we laugh at that moment that melted the two so-called “rocks”.
Avika: I always wanted a pet. I was looking at a bunch of Chihuahuas. They were all equally adorable but one of them responded to me differently. As I held his face, his eyes became moist. He’s my Shiroo today. It one of the most memorable moments of my life.

A compliment from a fan that made you blush?
Manish: Once when I was on stage for an event in Gujarat an old lady in the audience held her daughter-in-law’s hand and did the pinky gesture, which Rosid do in SSK. That moved me as I always thought Rosid was just a teenage sensation.
Avika: A small baby once approached me for an autograph. But the baby just ran away after giving a kiss on my cheek.

Rapid fire round

What do you associate with the following words?

manish: Grace
avika : Clothes that make you look slimmer

M: Metrosexual
A : Shalini Sahuta (co-actor) who is dressed in pink from head to toe, even her bedroom is pink.

M: Did someone say Sasural Simar Ka actors?
A: Butter chilli garlic noodles

M: The fuel to my fire
A: Rosidians

M: My playground
A: Hobby

M: My specialty when it comes to giving and my resistance when it comes to receiving.
A: Bad at keeping secrets so even if I plan a surprise I would bust it.

M: The minute you define it, you confine it
A:  Should be unconditional, the way my Shiroo loves me